Why choose Clear’Smile

Cosmetics changes at the same speed as fashion and is entering in a new era. With one application for a beautiful smile and whiter teeth. CLEAR’SMILE is a new innovative product. New in the french market and already successful elsewhere in the world.


the first «on the go» refreshing & whitening pen.

CLEAR’SMILE is a range of

De ”dental cosmetic GLOSS" designed for men or women. Available in 4 flavors!

CLEAR'SMILE is the first whitener GLOSS< designed that you can use as toothpaste at any time of the day to refresh your breath, by the simple action on the tooth or in toothpaste that gives a shine to your teeth whiteness.
After an important lunch... Have the gesture GLOSS CLEAR'SMILE available in 4 flavors.
CLEAR'SMILE essential accessory for women in your handbag.

Accessories CLEAR'SMILE